Activist Imprisoned for Spending Donations on Herself

Activist Imprisoned for Spending Donations on Herself

( – Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Xahra Saleem was jailed for fraud after using numerous donations intended for a children’s charity on herself. Saleem was one of BLM’s members who organized the protests that saw Sir Edward Colston’s statue torn down in Bristol, UK.

Authorities jailed Saleen for two and a half years after she was found guilty of stealing $40,042 in charitable donations to Bristol children’s group Changing Your Mindset. The group said in a statement it was planning to use the money to fund a humanitarian trip to different African nations to address children’s poverty in the continent.

Saleem, who was the founding member of the BLM’s Bristol branch, was found to have stolen the money and purchased a laptop, beauty products, takeaway food, and an iPhone with it. According to The Times of London, she also spent over $6,000 of these donations on taxi rides. The media outlet reported she made each of these expenditures over an 11-month period until June 2021.

The left-wing activist, who appeared in court wearing a Hijab, was told during the sentencing that she abused the trust of the children’s charity group. Different media outlets reported that she gave Changing Your Mindset numerous excuses for why she hadn’t provided the GoFundMe donations. Saleem allegedly stated she was hesitant to give the group the money as she claimed that many of the people working in Changing Your Mindset were “homophobic.”

The BLM activist eventually told the charity group she was diagnosed with psychosis and had to spend all the money on doctors and clinics. After that, she apologized to the group and said she was going to take full responsibility for her actions. While she told Changing Your Mindset she would turn herself in to authorities, she disappeared for a couple of weeks until Avon and Somerset Police officers arrested her in July 2021.

The defrauded charity group had to shut down a couple of weeks after her arrest for financial reasons.

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