21-Year-Old Who Turned His Father to FBI Over Jan 6 Rewarded By Leftists

(WatchDogReport.org) – A 21-year-old man who bragged about turning over his own father to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for attending the Capitol riots in January 2021 has been rewarded for his efforts. Liberals opened their wallets to give the young man almost $200,000 to show their support for his actions.

Jackson Reffitt raised the money on GoFundMe, with many donors identifying as liberals or Democrats. The Texas man said he would save the money “for years to come” and clarified that he needed it to survive as his family kicked him out of his house for turning his father in to authorities.

A federal judge sentenced the young turncoat’s father, Guy Reffitt, to nearly 10 years in prison after his son testified against him during the trial. The senior Reffitt broke down into tears when his son was called to the stand by prosecutors.

Jackson Reffitt ratted his father out long before the Capitol riots as well, telling authorities in 2020 that he was going to do “something big” anytime soon. He even recorded his father secretly when both were discussing his actions. He eventually gave the secret recordings to the bureau, which arrested his father on January 16, 2021, after raiding the family house.

Less than 24 hours after his arrest, the 21-year-old Texas man had an interview with CNN when he showed no remorse for his actions and even bragged about doing “the right thing” for the United States. When asked about his father, he claimed that he didn’t regret turning him to the FBI as he claimed that his dad was “an adult” and needed to face the consequences for his “decisions.” Following those remarks, CNN host Chris Cuomo praised Jackson Reffitt and said he was a “brave man.”

Following the interview, the Texas man created his GoFundMe page, as he said that many people told him they were willing to support him after the CNN interview. He also explained that every cent would be saved for the future, although he also recognized that he was considering spending the money on some college courses.

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