2023 Claims Another Celebrity: James McCaffrey Gone at 65

2023 Claims Another Celebrity: James McCaffrey Gone at 65

(WatchDogReport.org) – Actor James McCaffrey died on December 16 at his home in New York City. Different reports said that the celebrity died of complications from multiple myeloma, which, according to the MD Anderson Cancer Center, is a type of cancer that aggressively affects bone marrow.

In a statement, his wife Rochelle Bostrom confirmed his death and said she was lying next to him and “holding his hand” at all moments, including the one when he “took his last breath.” Bostrom said she will forever be grateful for the time she spent with her husband, and noted that her family is devastated. McCaffrey was 65-years-old.

The actor is mainly remembered for his role in Rescue Me and for being the voice of legendary video game antihero Max Payne, which eventually became one of the greatest video franchises of all time. His success was strong enough to become the voice behind other video game heroes and villains, including Alex Casey in the Alan Wake franchise.

McCaffrey started his career in different roles, including one in Swift Justice and New York Undercover. Hollywood directors and producers liked his charisma and acting skills, which allowed him to eventually be part of Revenge, As the World Turns, and Beautiful People. McCaffrey’s most important role was the one of Jimmy Keefe on Rescue Me, who was a 9/11 victim and a charismatic firefighter. Different reports noted that his appearance was one of the main reasons why the comedy-drama TV series became such a massive success, which allowed it to be aired on FX from 2004 until 2011.

The official Twitter account of video game Alan Wake 2 said that the entire industry was “deeply saddened” by the actor’s death. It added that McCaffrey was a talented “collaborator” and a “beloved friend” who had a remarkable talent that made the video game become one of the most popular franchises in the market. The official account also pointed out that each of its staffers will pray for his family.

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