Zelenskyy Says US May Have To Choose Between NATO And War

Zelenskyy Says US May Have To Choose Between NATO And War

(WatchDogReport.org) – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on June 15 that the United States would have to make a delicate decision if Russia wins the war against his country. He explained that if Russian President Vladimir Putin comes out victorious, Washington must pick between going to war or watching NATO collapse.

During an interview with NBC, the Ukrainian leader said the Kremlin will advance toward Baltic nations if Russia wins the war and eventually occupies Ukraine. He added that, in this scenario, another war would break out with Russia as the primary foe. However, Zelenskyy said the main difference would be that the invaded country would be part of NATO. He added that the United States will have to choose between going to war or doing nothing and watching the ”collapse of NATO.”

The Ukrainian President made these comments in response to the suggestion from some U.S. Republican leaders that Washington must limit its spending on the war. Over the last few months, some members of the Republican and Democratic Parties have expressed disagreements with the Biden administration on this matter. They believe that the United States is spending significant money in an armed conflict with no payoff for the country’s national interests.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, political analysts have said this armed conflict could have terrible geopolitical consequences if Russia wins. Many believe Putin will try to keep moving forward and occupy some NATO Baltic nations in its efforts to restore the Soviet Union. The first of these nations would be Poland, which was under Soviet influence during the Cold War and shares a border with Ukraine.

The delicate aspect of this situation is that the United States would be forced to go to war against Russia if the country attacked any NATO member. Any attack on a NATO member country is considered “an attack against them all” under the alliance’s principle of unified defense.

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