YouTube Bans COVID-19 Vaccine “Misinformation”

YouTube Bans COVID-19 Vaccine

( – Social media sites continued their campaign of censorship this week. This time, the target is pages, channels, and ads that allegedly spread “misinformation” about vaccines, but who decides what is credible information?

On Wednesday, October 14, YouTube announced it was going to remove any information about COVID-19 vaccines it believes contradicts what health experts are saying.

One day before YouTube’s announcement, Facebook said it’s doing the same thing, and their ban will cover other vaccines as well. Opponents claim the bans won’t even allow them to question the effectiveness of the vaccinations. Proponents applauded the decision.

A bigger question would be: who’s going to decide what’s credible and what isn’t? Is this going to be another case where people expressing their opinions are punished by Big Tech? Most people don’t support the spread of misinformation; rather, they are concerned that someone’s personal ideology is going to get in the way of enforcing the rules fairly.

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