Workers Are Getting Replaced With Robots Amid Labor Shortage

Workers Are Getting Replaced With Robots Amid Labor Shortage

Desperate Companies REPLACING Workers – Skyrocketing Trend!

( – Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, there is little (if any) debate that there’s a labor shortage in the United States. In fact, the Department of Labor (DOL) reported that there were 11.4 million job openings at the end of April. In order to keep the economy moving, employers need to fill those spots, and if they cannot find a warm body to fill the slot, they’re turning to robotics for the solution.

The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating to workforces around the world when almost every government forced its citizens into lockdowns and businesses to either move to remote working or shutter their doors completely. As those restrictions eased, many people elected not to return to their jobs. Employers outside the auto industry (which already uses a relatively large number of robots) ordered 40% more automatons year-over-year in the first quarter of 2022.

Some of the labor shortage has been linked to the $15-per-hour minimum wage pushed by the Progressives that some experts say could destroy small businesses across the country. However, even a megacorporation like McDonald’s is moving towards automated systems in their drive-through lanes and indoor kiosks for the same reasons.

The theory of “wage push inflation” says that in order to maintain profits, employers would need to raise the cost of what they produce. Inflation is already higher than it’s been in decades, to the point that even with recent pay hikes, Americans actually saw a net income drop of 2.6% in April.

With robots ready and waiting to do the jobs people don’t want and labor costs skyrocketing, is there a solution that keeps people working? You tell us.

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