White House Reveals 100,000 Russian Casualties In Ukraine Since December

White House Reveals 100,000 Russian Casualties In Ukraine Since December

(WatchDogReport.org) – The White House National Security Spokesperson John Kirby said during a Monday press conference that Russia had suffered over 100,000 casualties since December, including over 20,000 killed. The numbers seem to confirm the Russian army’s disastrous campaign during their invasion of Ukraine, with geopolitical experts pointing out it remains too soon to determine who could win this war.

Kirby told reporters almost half of those killed are soldiers from Russia’s mercenary Wagner Group, which is deeply involved in the current occupation of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. This is currently the most important battle that is taking place in the country, with the private military company being unable to fully take the city as Ukrainian troops keep resisting.

The spokesperson also claimed that the Kremlin has “exhausted” its armed forces and military stockpiles in the invasion, pointing out that the Biden administration estimates that over 20,000 Russians have been “killed in action.” He stated these numbers were “stunning,” explaining that the White House won’t provide the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in action as Kyiv should be the one to provide that information.

Additionally, Kirby told reporters that the source of the 100,000 figures is based on “downgraded intelligence” that the US has been able to collect. While he refused to elaborate on this matter, he attributed the number of deaths of the Russian troops to a lack of proper military preparation and “any sense of organization command and control.”

Moreover, the spokesperson noted that many of these soldiers were Russian ex-convicts that Wagner Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was picking from prison cells to simply “throw human flesh at this fight.” Finally, Kirby proclaimed that Prigozhin lied when he declared on Sunday that the private military group had only suffered 94 casualties since the war started. Many analysts pointed out these numbers were impossible to believe. The spokesman said this was a “ludicrous claim.”

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