White House Investigates Blocking Out The Sun

White House Investigates Blocking Out The Sun

(WatchDogReport.org) – A congressionally mandated report on Climate Change has been posted on the White House Website. This document describes Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) which are ways to potentially block or reflect the rays of the sun away from the Earth to promote cooling and combat climate change. SRM is a form of “geoengineering” to interfere with the Earth’s natural systems on a large scale.

There is much to consider about SRM, according to this report. Scientists have learned that after volcanoes erupt, the smoke and ash make a barrier between the sun and the Earth, effectively blocking heat, and believe a process called Stratospheric Aerosol Injection could create the same effect. Marine cloud brightening is another possible way of “improving the reflectivity” of certain clouds to block the sunlight from reaching the Earth. In theory, SRM could quickly offer a tremendous cooling effect for the Earth.

There are also many risks involved, and the report indicates that these methods should only be considered a last-ditch effort to cool the Earth if current attempts continue to fail. Scientists must also consider the potential dangers of using SRM, such as the effects on human health and biodiversity. Blocking the sun could cause disruptions to the food supply.

More research is needed to determine precisely how many dangers, known and unknown, are involved. Scientists need more information to determine if the risks of using SRM are more significant than the continued progress of the currently perceived climate issues. Other space-based solutions were not considered in the report because geoengineering is less complicated and would be easier to implement.

The White House made a statement along with the report that there are currently no plans for a “comprehensive” research program involving SRM or geoengineering.

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