What to Expect From the GDP in 2021

What To Expect From The GDP In 2021

(WatchDogReport.org) – The US economy was soaring prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. It came grinding to a halt when states began locking down to slow the spread. Months later, the economy is struggling to recover, but Democrats in places like California and New York are still damaging it with their restrictions. But, what does that mean for 2021?

In November, Goldman Sachs said the US growth domestic product (GDP) will rebound to pre-pandemic numbers by mid-2021. For this unfamiliar with the term, GDP is the total of the goods and services a country produces. When it’s growing, the economy is in a period of expansion and doing well. If it shrinks, the opposite is true; people lose their jobs and investors start holding back.

The Federal Reserve also believes the GDP will rebound next year.

President Donald Trump’s economic policies have made it possible for the country to recover so quickly. Hopefully, he will continue making America great for the next four years as well.

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