WATCH: CNN Star TURNS on Biden!

CNN Finally Calls Out Joe Biden

CNN Finally Calls Out Joe Biden

( – There is an old saying that ignorance is bliss, but does that really hold true for the leader of the United States? President Joe Biden’s response to a reporter’s question about how he will handle the next two years, now that the midterm elections are over and the country just waits on the final tallies, drew the ire of an unexpected source. Gloria Borger of CNN news seemed less than impressed with his reply.

At a press conference, referring to a prepared list of approved questioners, Biden called on Zeke Miller of the Associated Press, who let the president know “75% of voters say the country is heading in the wrong direction,” and asked what he planned to do differently to change people’s minds. The reply he got seemed to take many people aback because the president told the world he doesn’t plan to change one iota, implying that Americans don’t seem to understand what his administration is doing.

By Borger’s response, she may have picked up that same implication, saying of Biden’s response, “that’s insulting people.” The simple fact somebody working for CNN, which is considered to be a leftist outlet, even mildly rebuked him could be considered by some to be a sure sign of the Apocalypse.

What do you think? Was this a “let them eat cake” comment on the part of President Biden?

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