Washington Post Exposes Joe Biden’s Lies

Washington Post Exposes Joe Biden's Lies

(WatchDogReport.org) – President Joe Biden can’t seem to stop himself from attempting to discredit Georgia’s newly-passed voting laws. A March 26 statement from the president includes a claim that working-class people won’t be able to cast their ballot because the law forces the state’s polls to close early. Now, the Washington Post has debunked the claim.

The Washington Post’s fact checker, Glenn Kessler, was particularly harsh on the President, granting him four “Pinocchios” — the organization’s worst rating for lies told by political figures. The new legislation didn’t change anything about poll closing times. Yet, Biden still declared that as fact in a news conference and a statement.

There has been no explanation from the Administration for what amounts to a blatant lie. It seems the Democrat intends to stand by what he’s trying to sell.

Those who aren’t aware of the details of Georgia’s new legislation could be taken in by the falsehood. In fact, that may be exactly what Biden is hoping for in his fight for election reform.

Fortunately, it is backfiring on him, as one of the largest newspapers in the country, one that often leans Left, has called him out by announcing his statements as untrue.

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