WARNING Issued – Serial Killer At Large!

A Serial Killer Is Reportedly at Large

A Serial Killer Is Reportedly at Large

(WatchDogReport.org) – According to information taken from statista.com, as of August 5, the most dangerous city in the world based on the number of homicides in 2022 is Tijuana, Mexico. The Baja California Attorney General’s (AG) office says it has identified a suspect in the murders of three different women there, adding to that grisly fact.

Authorities believe an American citizen has targeted lonely and vulnerable women working as streetwalkers in the Mexican town bordering California. AG Ricardo Iván Carpio Sánchez has said the three killings have commonalities, such as the perpetrator trolling bars and clubs for his victims, indications of carnal activity, and then beating them to death.

The practice is legal in Tijuana, with nearly 11,000 women registered with the city’s medical services office, according to an August 25 article by Fox31. The story quotes Gerardo López Montes, the head of the Public Health office of Tijuana, saying there could be many thousands more who forgo notifying his office.

The AG declined to name the suspect other than to call him a sociopath, saying they do not want to tip him off if his identity becomes public because they believe he has crossed the border back into the San Diego area. He also said an arrest warrant has been issued against the person, and they have “taken the necessary strategies to neutralize his activity.”

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