US Postal System Allegedly Caught Running Spy Operations on Americans

US Postal System Caught Running Spy Operations on Americans

( – The US Postal Service (USPS) has allegedly been spying on you since at least March, and it just now came to light. According to Yahoo, a leaked memo from the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), the law enforcement branch of the USPS, showed it tasked analysts to watch your social media and track anything they felt was “inflammatory.”

Due to concerns about protests on March 20, the USPIS reportedly started monitoring posts on several social media platforms, including Parler and Telegram. It appears from the memo that analysts were looking solely at Right-leaning posts and groups. However, in the document, the agency states “there is currently no intelligence to suggest specific threats.”

This begs an important question: if no threats exist, why is the USPS running surveillance in the first place? It’s difficult to understand how the same agency who complained about a lack of funding only months ago can suddenly justify scrutinizing Conservative conversations online. Also, why focus solely on Republican posters?

This memo only leaves us with questions, and we need to demand answers.

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