US Navy Fires Warning Shot at Iranian Vessel

US Navy Fires Warning Shot at Iranian Vessel

U.S. Navy FIRES At Iranian Boat… A Line Was Crossed!

( – An Iranian Republican Guard speedboat got a little too close for comfort to a US Navy vessel, prompting what could have escalated to an international incident. The USS Sirocco was forced to fire a warning when the tiny, but fast, aggressor came within 50 yards of her hull. The Cyclone-class ship was patrolling the Strait of Hormuz at the time, where Iranians are notorious for causing trouble.

The Navy, speaking with the Associated Press, said the Guard failed to meet basic international standards for maritime safety with the brazen stunt. Aggressive moves aside, the close proximity of the speedboat put both vessels at risk of collision.

The speedboat was one of three seemingly sent to taunt the Navy ship. The Navy said the contact with the Republican Guard lasted nearly an hour until the firing of a warning flare, at which point the Guard boats appeared to take the hint.

Navy officials said this is the second time in recent months the Iranians have attempted to disrupt its operations. In March, a Guard catamaran came within 25 yards of the US Coast Guard Cutter Robert Goldman. That incident also ended with the Coast Guard firing warnings to make the boat’s operators aware the games were over.

The aggressive moves by Iran seem to be part of a wider array of standoffs with the international community. As nuclear talks falter, Iran has stepped up its production of weapons-grade uranium, re-opening a centrifuge facility long since closed.

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