US General Predicts War With China

US General Predicts War With China

( – Ever since Russian troops invaded Ukraine, many have shared concerns that China might follow suit with Taiwan. In fact, President Joe Biden alluded to the fact in October 2021 when he said the United States would defend Taiwan if Beijing were to mobilize against it in a similar fashion. Although the White House later clarified his statement, saying the US has not changed its policy on helping the small island nation defend itself, his comments only highlighted a possible escalation in the area. Now, a four-star general is making his own declaration with regard to China and a future war.

The Memo

On January 27, Air Force General Mike Minihan reportedly wrote a memo to the officers under his command, predicting the United States and China will be at war by 2025. NBC News, who acquired a copy of the communication, reported the general’s “gut” was telling him of the impending conflict, but he hoped he was “wrong” about the whole thing. According to his memo, Minihan believes China will make a move while the US and Taiwan are “distracted” by their respective elections in 2024.

Minihan instructed all military personnel to update their emergency contacts and records and ordered his commanders to report all major preparation measures for a fight with China by the end of February. The general also went into detail about training and what unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) the US could use during a possible conflict.

What People Are Saying

The Department of Defense (DOD) spoke out after NBC revealed the memo, saying Minihan’s words don’t align with the “department’s view on China.” Defense Department Press Secretary Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said the DOD is committed to preserving peace in the Indo-Pacific region alongside US “allies and partners.”

Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX), who heads up the House Foreign Affairs Committee, appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” where he addressed the general’s memo. The legislator said he hopes the military leader is wrong, but with a weak leader like President Joe Biden, McCaul believes Minihan might be right — “unfortunately.”

McCaul said he believes China could try to reunify with Taiwan by interfering in the country’s upcoming elections. But if that doesn’t work, he thinks the country will simply invade, prompting the US into action. One of the legislator’s colleagues, however, disagrees. Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) said such a move is “unlikely” and generals and others should use caution when speaking about China, indicating such a bold statement would do more harm than good.

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