US Agency Issues Formal Statement After Horrifying Accidents

US Agency Issues Formal Statement After Horrifying Accidents

( – Peloton is one of the fastest-growing and most popular fitness companies in the country. People are hyped about the exercise bike and treadmill because the equipment allows them to join exercise classes from the comfort of their home. Unfortunately, it appears there may be a dark side to the equipment. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a very serious warning.

Videos have recently begun circulating, showing children and pets being dragged under the Peloton treadmill. CEO John Foley posted a letter to the company’s website alerting people to an accident involving a small kid and the Tread+. According to Foley, the child died as a result of the accident. He warned families to keep their children and pets away from the equipment.

On March 18, NBC reported the Consumer Product Safety Commission said it was investigating and shared a video on YouTube depicting an accident with the Tread+.

According to the agency, between 2018 and 2020 there were 17 fatalities related to treadmills, and one of those was a 5-year-old. A spokesperson for the agency, Patty Davis, warned owners of treadmills to remove the keys from and supervise kids around the machines.

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