Urban Dictionary Shuts Down “Blue Anon” for Exposing Democrats

Urban Dictionary Shuts Down

(WatchDogReport.org) – A lot has been made about the conservative movement QAnon in the mainstream media. The press has made it seem as though the GOP is full of conspiracy theorists because they question things. Meanwhile, the press completely ignores the actual conspiracies on the Left. And now, it seems that Big Tech is helping them protect Democrats.

On Sunday, March 7, Urban Dictionary removed the term “Blue Anon” from its site. The term was trending after Conservatives had some fun with it, creating it to discuss Liberal conspiracy theorists who believe things like Russia helped Donald Trump and actor Jussie Smollett was attacked in Chicago by racists. Republicans quickly called out the website for removing the term.

Urban Dictionary later restored the Blue Anon page, but the damage was done. The website is known for its outrageous and sometimes explicit language. The fact that it pulled a page that was targeting the Left with facts is further proof that Big Tech is continuing to go to great lengths to censor Conservatives in order to make the Democratic Party look better.

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