Ukraine Downs Russian Plane Full of Troops Thanks to US Intel

Ukraine Downs Russian Plane Full of Troops Thanks to US Intel

Russian TROOP Plane Shot Down – Intel Shows What Happened

( – The United States launched a massive and unprecedented intelligence-sharing operation with Ukraine as early as the first days of the Russian invasion. An intelligence official with knowledge of the matter told NBC News that the level of contact between the US and the non-NATO country has been “impactful” at a tactical and strategic level.

The news may help explain how Ukrainian forces, seemingly outgunned, were able to thwart Russian invaders when the war began. A spokesperson for the White House Security Council said the operation is ongoing and that the United States continues to provide Ukraine with detailed, real-time intelligence.

NBC is withholding certain aspects of what it’s discovered at the military’s request, most likely to safeguard the flow of information to the embattled European country. One report of a cargo plane shot down, however, sheds some light on just how effective the campaign can be. The plane reportedly carried hundreds of Russian troops and may have had serious implications for Putin’s overall lack of strength and ultimate withdrawal from attacking Kyiv.

US intel also helps the Ukrainians determine which of its airfields and air defenses are on the Russian target list. The movement of planes and defensive systems has the Russian military shelling empty fields. Maintaining a fleet and air defenses keeps the Russians from achieving air superiority, which would likely change the momentum in Putin’s favor.

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