Twitter Censors Trump’s Tweet Warning About Mail-In Voter Shenanigans

Twitter Censors Trump's Tweet Warning About Mail-In Voter Shenanigans

( – When millions of Americans went to bed on November 3, President Donald Trump was up in critical states. Then, suddenly, the election turned. When the POTUS questioned an alleged ballot dump, Twitter quickly lashed out.

Overnight, there were allegations of a significant number of ballots appearing and pushing Biden in the lead in both Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump commented on this event.

Trump raised questions about the reports, but Twitter censored him. Then, the president tweeted another message explaining he was “leading, often solidly, in many key states” but then his leads “magically” disappeared. The social media giant’s moderators added a warning to that message too.

Why is Twitter censoring the president for asking legitimate questions? It’s a little suspicious, don’t you think? There’s no reason to stop the American people from reading messages from their president. He certainly has a right to raise questions, but once again Big Tech is silencing a Conservative voice.

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