Trump Supporters Targeted After Violence Breaks Out

Trump Supporters Targeted After Violence Breaks Out

( – On October 17, Conservatives came together in San Francisco for a free speech rally. The protest was meant to be a peaceful demonstration, but then Antifa showed up.

Team Save America began the rally at the United Nations Plaza and planned to move on to Twitter’s headquarters. The social media giant has been under fire recently for censoring Conservatives on its platform. Shortly after the demonstration began, the far-Left agitators got violent.

One of the agitators punched the event’s organizer, Philip Anderson, in the face, knocking his teeth out.

For months, far-Left agitators have been committing acts of violence across the US. In Portland, a Trump supporter lost his life after an alleged Antifa member executed him.

Violent rioters have attacked police, burned buildings, and hurt peaceful protestors during demonstrations around America. This latest instance of violence at a protest is just another example of why the police need to begin punishing radical leftists, and why President Donald Trump wants to label Antifa a terrorist organization.

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