Trump Gets Sued by Jean Carroll After Town Hall Comments

Trump Gets Sued by Jean Carroll After Town Hall Comments

( – Lawyers of Elizabeth Jean Carroll filed an amended lawsuit against former President Donald Trump on Monday, seeking $10 million in compensatory and punitive damages. The journalist and writer took this legal action against Trump after his comments about her on CNN’s town hall. He expressed these remarks during the televised event, one day after a New York jury found him liable for sexually assaulting the writer.

Carroll’s lawyer Roberta Kaplan told the New York Times she’s suing Trump because his comments are defamatory and have affected their client’s reputation. She explained these remarks were so damaging that Carroll allegedly lost her job as an advice columnist for Elle magazine. Moreover, Kaplan said that the former president has “doubled down” on derogatory comments against Carroll a day after the May 9th verdict against him.

That day, the jury found that the former president sexually abused her in 1996 in a department store changing room in New York City. The jury granted roughly $5 million in punitive and compensatory damages. This amount compromised nearly $3 million for defamation and $2 million for the sexual abuse charge.

Kaplan also told the liberal newspaper that Trump’s remarks during the town hall event “makes a mockery” of the US justice system and the New York jury verdict.

The filing claimed Trump’s comments during the town hall event demonstrated his strong animosity towards Carroll. As a result, the filing sought a substantial punitive damages verdict in favor of the journalist and writer. The filing also says its goal is to penalize Trump and discourage him from engaging in future defamation while deterring others from engaging in similar actions.

Carroll, who decided to testify at the trial, initially alleged that Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room in a book she published in 2019. While the jury determined the writer failed to establish she had been raped, they did find that Trump sexually assaulted her.

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