Trump Explains How He Would Have Handled Ukraine Conflict

Trump Explains How He Would Have Handled Ukraine Conflict

( – US former President Donald Trump said during a June 19 interview at Fox News he would have handled the Ukraine-Russia war differently. Trump told host Bret Baier he could have ended the conflict in a day, claiming to have a “very good relationship” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The former commander-in-chief explained he would have met Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and a deal would have been made “very quick.”

Trump’s comments came at the same time Ukrainian troops were liberating small towns and villages in their counteroffensive operation. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said during a June 12 press conference that Putin would be forced to negotiate with Kyiv if this counteroffensive succeeds.

Regarding President Biden’s responsibility in the war, Trump said it wasn’t a coincidence that Putin invaded Ukraine as soon as Biden entered office. The former president told Baier the invasion was delayed during his administration. Trump explained he had conversations with Putin where he allegedly told the Russian leader it would be a global “catastrophe” if Russia invaded Ukraine. Trump explained his administration knew that Putin was planning the assault and said he told him there would be consequences if a wrong move were made.

When asked about Ukraine’s sovereignty, Trump told Baier this is a separate country from Russia but said Putin “liked” when both nations used to be one. As for the current situation in Ukraine, Trump refused to say what needed to be involved in a deal between Kyiv and Moscow. When asked whether maintaining Crimea in Russian control would be an option, Trump said he wouldn’t comment as this would “impede any negotiation.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has lasted nearly 500 days, with Russian troops failing to achieve significant victories. While the private military group Wagner managed to take the city of Bakhmut, its chief, Yevgeny Prigozhin, claimed it would be difficult for Russia to win this war.

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