Trump Declares WAR – Lawyers Sign The Paperwork!

Trump Declares War on Letitia James, Files Lawsuit of His Own

Trump Declares War on Letitia James, Files Lawsuit of His Own

( – When does the power of a state attorney general (AG) move from the legitimate use of the law and into the realm of “deprivation of rights under color of law?” In essence, that’s what former President Donald Trump is asking a Palm Beach (Florida) judge to answer in a lawsuit he has filed against Letitia James, who holds that New York office.


The document Trump’s lawyers have filed reads very much like one of the ex-president’s speeches; that is to say, it’s bold, unapologetic, and distinctly not like an establishment politician. Unfortunately, this has caused some in the mainstream media and of a Left political bent to mock what is a legitimate legal proceeding.

James filed a $250-million lawsuit against the president and his family and, the court document says, is seeking “control over President Trump’s Florida revocable trust.” His lawyers argued that giving her access to those documents would violate “Article I, Section 23 of the Florida Constitution and the common law.”

Just Another Witch Hunt?

Conservatives have called a “select committee” investigating the riots that took place on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, a politically-motivated attack. Trump, through his lawyers, also accuses James of something similar.

A theme woven throughout the complaint is that James, during her failed bid to become governor of New York and during her successful campaign for AG, ran on the promise to go after the former president. The document references several accusations she made that she had no basis for, including calling Trump “an illegitimate president,” and how he and his organization “were engaged in criminal activity.”

The complaint lists many examples the Trump team believes show that James carried a deep personal bias against the ex-president, citing YouTube videos, Twitter posts, and more. They also used a comment made by someone who has no love lost for Trump to show that not only Conservatives see something more behind the AG’s actions.

The suit claims Daniel Goldman, the Democratic Party’s counsel during the impeachment process against Trump, had misgivings. According to the paperwork, he made a comment about the statements James made, saying they “give the appearance of an individualized political vendetta.”

One concern the Florida judge might look at is why James has only filed civil lawsuits, but nothing rising to the level of criminal activity. Another question voters in New York might want to consider is this: Is James being true to her oath of office since “Lady Justice” wears a blindfold?

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