Trump Blasts Biden For Iraq War Gaffes

Trump Blasts Biden For 'Iraq' War Gaffes

( – Former President Donald Trump blasted President Joe Biden during a June 30 presidential rally for confusing Ukraine with “Iraq” on two separate occasions. The Republican presidential candidate told the crowd that President Biden was weak, as he pointed out that American enemies are currently “at the top of their game.”

The first moment President Biden mistakenly referred to Ukraine as “Iraq” happened at a June 27 fundraiser in Chevy Chase, Maryland. According to a White House transcript of his comments, the president said that no one “before the war” would’ve believed that NATO would be united against the “onslaught in Iraq.”

The second moment occurred on June 28 outside the White House before Biden flew to Chicago. Prior to his departure, a reporter asked him if he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin was weaker because of the Wagner mutiny against the Kremlin. The commander-in-chief responded that even when this was “hard to tell,” the truth was that Putin was losing the war “In Iraq” and that war “at home.”

Trump commented on these mistakes during a Save America rally in South Carolina, stating it’s concerning that such a “grossly incompetent” individual represents America in the world. He claimed this is dangerous as some world leaders are “powerful” and President Biden is not. He then said that the most obvious example was the president saying, “Russia is losing the war to Iraq.” Finally, the former president said, “There’s something wrong” with President Biden.

Following these mistakes, the topic of the president’s age and mental health resurfaced, with some media outlets pointing out this can no longer be ignored. President Biden has also raised concerns after falling in public appearances, such as the incident at the Air Force Academy on June 1. In fact, Democratic leaders such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have even said that voters have the right to feel worried as the president’s “age is an issue.”

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