Trump-Backed Candidates Sweep on Election Night

Trump-Backed Candidates Sweep on Election Night

( – Former President Donald Trump is very vocal about who he supports for office, and often, his endorsement makes the candidate a shoo-in for any election. On March 1, Texas conducted its primary elections, and according to Trump, all 33 hopefuls he endorsed either won or were in the lead.

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) was among one of the candidates to win the nomination for the Republican party and a chance to serve another term as the leader of Texas. In addition, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick also claimed a victory during the primaries.

Another candidate Trump backed, who looks like they will win their election, is state Attorney General Ken Paxton. Although his victory is not yet official, the candidate is ahead of his competitor by an estimated 19.9%, with nearly all the votes counted.

Because neither candidate won 50% of the vote, the election will go into a run-off for the attorney general position. But, Trump’s endorsement may help push Paxton over the top.

The fact that an overwhelming number of hopefuls won or are winning their seats proves the previous president is still a powerful force in his party. Considering Trump put his support behind many candidates up for re-election in the midterms, their expected victories could mean flipping one or both chambers of Congress in November.

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