Trump-Backed Candidate Wins Important Primary Race

Trump-Backed Candidate Wins Important Primary Race

( – Earlier this year, former President Donald Trump vowed to help Republicans win back the House majority in 2022. In order to make that happen, he’s throwing his weight behind candidates he thinks will win. Recently, one of the candidates he endorsed won big.

On Tuesday, August 3, Mike Carey won the Republican primary for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District. After the results came in, Trump celebrated the coal lobbyist’s win in a statement. He congratulated the candidate and his family. He also told Ohio voters he didn’t think Carey would ever let them down.

The primary win proves Trump is still popular among voters. His voice matters a great deal when it comes to GOP candidates. Of course, that was on full display last month at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) when the majority of attendees voted in a straw poll and affirmed they want the former president to run again in 2024.

Trump has said he will consider running for president again if the Republican Party does well in 2022. And, he’s actively trying to ensure that happens by endorsing candidates who support his America First agenda.

Carey will face Democratic candidate Allison Russo on November 2.

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