Tom Cotton Slams Biden Nominee Who Claims All Americans Have “Racial Biases”

Tom Cotton Slams Biden Nominee Who Claims All Americans Have

( – President Joe Biden has put forth many controversial nominees for positions in his administration. Recently, a GOP senator got into a heated confrontation with the president’s nominee for associate attorney general.

On March 9, Vanita Gupta went before the Senate for her confirmation hearing. When it was Senator Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) turn to speak, he eviscerated the DOJ nominee. Gupta had previously said she believes all people have “implicit biases and racial biases.” The senator asked her about the statement and for what races she harbors a racial bias. She claimed she doesn’t. Cotton repeated her previous claim that everyone does and asked her again about her prejudices.

Gupta said she holds “stereotypes” that she manages. Cotton then grilled her on statements about institutional racism in the Biden administration, but she dodged the questions.

Someone who works for the Department of Justice (DOJ) in such a high-ranking position should be free of bias. They should also have the common sense to not insult everyone in the country by insinuating they are all harboring racial biases. Unfortunately, it seems Gupta didn’t get the message.

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