Todd Young Says He Won’t Endorse Trump’s Presidential Bid

Todd Young Says He Won’t Endorse Trump’s Presidential Bid

( – Indiana GOP Senator Todd Young announced on Thursday, May 11, he won’t support former president Donald Trump in his bid to return to the White House next year. Young expressed his position a day after the former commander-in-chief’s CNN town hall.

The Senator’s decision is unsurprising, considering his relationship with Trump frayed after the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots. Young blamed Trump for what happened during that day, claiming his words prompted many of his followers to attack the Capitol.

Talking to reporters, Young said he doesn’t “intend to support him for the Republican nomination.” Also, he criticized the former president for some of his comments during the CNN town hall, especially the ones he made about the Ukraine-Russia war. About this issue, Trump stated he would solve this conflict in one day if he’s elected president but refused to say whether he would like Russia or Ukraine to win the war. Instead, he received the audience’s praise after saying he wanted to settle the conflict to prevent more unnecessary deaths.

When asked about those comments, Young told reporters the former president’s judgment was “wrong in this case,” as he pointed out that Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin have been deeply involved in war crimes during their invasion of Ukraine.

When questioned about the reasons why he wasn’t going to endorse Trump’s presidential bid, Young said he didn’t know where to begin. Additionally, Young refused to reveal which Republican candidate he’s planning to formally endorse in lieu of the former commander-in-chief.

At least nine GOP Senators have expressed their support for Trump’s presidential bid, including JD Vance from Ohio and Lindsey Graham from South Carolina. The case of this last Senator is interesting since he has also expressed positive remarks about the possible presidential bid of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, which all polls show as the second-favorite to win the party’s nomination after Trump.

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