This Woman Is Being Called the “New” George Soros

This Woman Is Being Called the

( – Billionaire George Soros, often described as the man behind the party, has his hand in several Democratic Party causes. The reality is that at 90 years old, he’s not going to be around much longer. Now, it seems that there is someone who might be stepping in to take his place.

In 2020, Business Insider called Laurene Powell Jobs one of the most “important donors” of the election. As the wife of deceased Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, she has a lot of money at her disposal: roughly $16 billion, in fact. According to Breitbart News, she is stepping in as the “new George Soros.”

One conservative news site reports that, like Soros’ Open Society Foundation, she funnels her money through the Emerson Collective to fund charitable causes. That organization allows her to freely engage in political activity because the organization protects her from the usual IRS disclosure rules. What’s worse is that she is reportedly funneling money into media organizations that are highly partisan. So, it seems that when Soros goes, Jobs is going to be right there to fill his place.

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