This Activist Just ATE A Bible On Camera!

Liberal Activist Eats Bible While Protesting

Liberal Activist Eats Bible While Protesting

( – Matt Walsh is a conservative Christian pundit and author, and he has been touring to promote the documentary “What Is a Woman?” He recently stopped at the University of Wisconsin-Madison when pro-transgender activists descended on the area and defaced property. One even decided that making a snack out of the Bible would be an appropriate form of protest.

The film Walsh is promoting seeks to reestablish a simple concept: a person is either born as a male (with a Y chromosome) or female (with only X chromosomes). After failing to get the event shut down, protestors attempted to intimidate those trying to make their way to the auditorium. To use the terminology Walsh has put forth, they were acting as a bunch of “leftist crybullies.”

The Bible that was first stolen (and by now digested) belonged to 19-year-old Nick Proell, who was there with other members of his church preaching the word on the street. When asked by the Daily Wire why he was doing so, he explained it was his love for his fellow man.

Proell explained how if he had seen someone walking off a cliff, he would act to save them; in this case, he wants people to know Jesus can stop one’s soul from taking a similar plunge. Seeing people walking around with pages from his Bible, he paraphrased Isaiah 55:11, saying that whether people were “reading or mocking,” seeds were planted and would not return void to the Lord.

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