The Koch Brothers Take Aim at Defeating Trump

The Koch Brothers Take Aim at Defeating Trump

( – The only person who has officially announced he is running for the White House on either side of the political aisle in 2024 is former President Donald Trump. Just recently, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) indicated she plans to announce her run later this month, and many believe Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) will throw his hat into the ring, too. Americans for Prosperity is a group representing a grassroots movement with the mission of keeping America free, functioning, and prosperous.

Mediaite reported the powerful organization was started by the billionaires Charles and David Koch, who have historically used their wealth and created a variety of non-profits to try and shape American politics to better reflect their libertarian ideals. This time, their organization seems to be taking aim at ousting Trump and ushering in someone fresh.

A New Focus

On February 5, CEO of Americans for Prosperity Emily Seidel wrote a letter to her staff and fellow political activists, stating she believes Republicans need a strong candidate with a chance to win the presidency. She suggested leaving the past behind and pushing someone in the GOP that “represents a new chapter.” While she didn’t mention Trump by name, Seidel did say it’s time to move on to someone different that can lead the country toward a more positive future.

The CEO said she feels the Republican party is simply putting out “bad candidates” who are trying to push agendas that don’t match what the American people want. On the flip side, Seidel said Democrats are using that fact as an opportunity to try and institute “extreme policies” that oppose “core American principles.”

What This Means Going Forward

As a result of her assessment, Seidel believes America is in trouble, and the answer is to move forward — not look back. Since the Democratic party will presumably back President Joe Biden, the CEO concluded the only solution to the current problem is to identify and push a new candidate who can win on the Republican side. She encouraged the recipients of the communication to get more people to participate in the primary elections, stating that could be the key to success.

During the 2022 election cycle, the CEO stated AFP and the corresponding action group saw an 80% success rate in targeted races.

Recent polls reported by FiveThirtyEight regarding the upcoming Republican primary currently show Trump ahead of potential competitors across the board. Now that Seidel is mobilizing the powerful group, only time will tell if those numbers hold true.

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