Texas Lawmakers Consider Drastic Move

Texas Lawmakers Consider Drastic Move

(WatchDogReport.org) – It’s not unusual to hear Texans discuss breaking away from the US. Many residents believe that the Lone Star state is basically its own country anyway. Now, the calls to secede are getting louder.

Texas state Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R) is pushing for secession from the United States in 2021. In December, he posted about the “Texit” movement on Facebook, saying he doesn’t believe the federal government represents his state’s values any longer.

On January 11, Biedermann spoke to Newsmax TV’s Chris Salcedo and explained that this is a way for the people to air their grievances, not literally secede from the US. He called it the “beginning of a process” like Brexit.

According to the congressman, if the people of Texas decide they want to become an independent state, then the state legislature will look at all that would be needed to make that happen. Biedermann believes it will take a few years to figure it all out. He hasn’t yet introduced legislation to begin the process.

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