Teen Completes 300 Rubik’s Cubes Riding a Unicycle

Teen Completes 300 Rubik's Cubes Riding a Unicycle

(WatchDogReport.org) – Rubik’s Cubes are no joke. The blocks with small, colorful squares are incredibly difficult to match up. Some people are never able to complete one. A Canadian teen didn’t just solve one of the puzzles; he solved hundreds, and all while performing another difficult task.

On July 18, 17-year-old Jesse Bradford sat on a unicycle and started solving Rubik’s Cubes. For 2 hours and 13 minutes, he balanced on the unicycle and solved puzzle after puzzle. In the end, he solved 300 Rubik’s Cubes and won the Guinness World Record. Bradford beat the March 2018 record of 250 puzzles set by Caleb McEvoy from the US.

Bradford told Brooks Bulletin that he received an email from Guinness on October 28, notifying him of his win. He said he went to the website and he was on it. “I couldn’t really believe it. It was crazy,” the teenager told the newspaper.

The teenager doesn’t have any plans to retire his world-record-winning brain. The high school senior said he’s working on trying to set another record in the next year or so. In the meantime, maybe he’ll give the rest of us some tips on how to solve those pesky puzzles.

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