Ted Cruz Says Facebook Could Be Held Liable for Dr. Fauci’s Actions

Ted Cruz Says Facebook Could Be Held Liable for Dr. Fauci's Actions

(WatchDogReport.org) – For the last year, Facebook has been censoring posts that discuss whether the COVID-19 pandemic began in a lab. In May, the social media company reversed its policy after reportedly speaking to experts. One senator thinks the platform could be held liable for allegedly consulting with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In an interview on Sunday, June 6, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Fox host Maria Bartiromo that Facebook was allegedly “operating at the direction of and in the direct benefit” of the feds. He said the company is using “their monopoly position to censor” for the US government at the request of Fauci.

Cruz believes Fauci may have directed the social media site to silence people who thought the virus started in a lab. If the platform did censor people at the request of a government official, that could have major implications for Facebook because it would mean the website was “operating as a state agency,” according to the senator. Cruz thinks that would open the platform up to liability issues, but he didn’t say exactly what could happen if his theory is correct.

Neither Facebook nor Fauci have responded to the senator’s allegations.

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