Surge in Black Support for Trump Destroys Media’s Racism Narrative

Surge in Black Support for Trump Destroys Media's Racism Narrative

( – For more than a decade, the Left has been trying to convince the public that Donald Trump is a racist. It started way back when Trump wanted to know where Barack Obama’s birth certificate was and exploded when he announced his intention to run for president in 2015. But, that narrative has been proven wrong this election season.

In recent weeks, prominent black figures have expressed support for President Trump’s agenda for America. Rappers Lil Wayne and Ice Cube are aboard the Trump Train. In August, a Hill-HarrisX poll showed how the POTUS’ support among minorities surged after the Republican National Convention (RNC).

On October 28, the New York Times reported the racial gap between Joe Biden and Trump was shrinking.

Democrats have always thought they had the minority vote in the bag. President Trump’s support of the Black community, through record-low unemployment pre-COVID and criminal justice reform (which just scratches the surface), is changing all that. Minority communities are waking up and realizing the president isn’t the racist ogre the Left has made him out to be. It could cost Joe Biden the election.

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