State Government Allegedly Steals Child From Parents Over Transgender Opposition

State Government Steals Child From Parents Over Transgender Opposition

( – According to a Reduxx January 29 report, a family from Montana lost custody of their 14-year-old daughter because they allegedly didn’t want her to identify as the opposite sex. The media outlet pointed out that the family was accusing Montana’s child protective services of “kidnapping” her after she started to identify herself as a “boy.”

During an interview with Reduxx, Todd and Krista Kolstad of Glasgow, Montana, said that their authorities took their daughter and will send her to Canada. Krista explained it all started in August 2023, after Jennifer was taken to a hospital because of suicide attempts. Todd said that once they were in the hospital, Jennifer demanded everyone to call her “Leo” and used the pronouns “he” and “him.”

Todd told the media outlet that while they said they didn’t agree, hospital staff ignored their request and started to undermine their parental authority. Jennifer remained at the health center for further observation, with the Kolstads and the Child and Family Services (CFS) agreeing that Jennifer should get counseling at a specialized residential care.

However, after being assured that their daughter was going to receive a bed at a Montana-based facility, the Kolstads received a call where they were told that Jennifer would be sent to Wyoming. While they said they needed to get some questions answered before accepting the bed, CFS workers and police officers arrived at their home a couple of minutes later to get Jennifer and take her out of the state.

The Kolstads told the media outlet they weren’t allowed to speak to their daughter directly while she was in Wyoming. A month later, she was sent back to Montana but was placed in a Youth Dynamics group home. The Kolstads said that she has remained there ever since and that a court decided to hand Jennifer’s custody over to the CFS, as they didn’t want to let Jennifer transition and live as a boy.

Todd and Krista told Reduxx that the CFS said it was going to place their daughter in the care of her birth mother, Christine, in Canada, where she would receive a sex-change surgery. The judge allegedly told the family that they have to expect that a future reunification won’t be “what you are expecting.”

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