Shark Washes Up on Riverbank, Officials Believe It’s a Prank

Shark Washes Up on Riverbank, Officials Believe It's a Prank

( – The Idaho Fish and Game Department was recently overwhelmed with communications from the public reporting a dead shark on the banks of the Salmon River in Riggins, Idaho. The shark appeared to have “washed up” on the riverbank. Residents and visitors to the area were deeply concerned about the discovery.

On arrival, officials discovered the animal to be a salmon shark. The salmon shark can grow to a length of ten feet and achieve a weight of around 1000 pounds, but they cannot survive in freshwater. The salmon shark is native to the Pacific Ocean.

To arrive at this area of the Salmon River, this salmon shark would have had to swim around 650 miles upriver in freshwater and pass through 8 different dams with fish ladders along the way. Fish and game officials deem this to be impossible. Bull sharks are the only known sharks capable of surviving in fresh water for lengthy periods.

The Fish and Game staff believe the most likely explanation for the appearance of the predator’s carcass on the riverbank is nothing more than a symbolic prank, a great “April fool’s joke.” The salmon population has been declining due to an increase in non-native predators such as smallmouth bass and walleye. Officials believe the carcass of the salmon shark being placed on the Salmon River is symbolic of this and appreciate the irony.

The Idaho Fish and Game Department understands that the discovery of a dangerous predator in an area where it should not be would cause great concern. The agency is reassuring the public that no salmon sharks are swimming in the Salmon River waiting to attack. The salmon shark simply cannot survive in freshwater.

There is no danger to the public. They are encouraging the public to appreciate the symbolism and humor involved in the prank and to simply “laugh it off” since there is “not a snowball’s chance in h***” that the beast made it to this riverbank on its own.

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