Senator Kennedy Comes Out Swinging Against Biden

Senator Kennedy Comes Out Swinging Against Biden

( – On January 26, President Joe Biden spoke in front of a crowd in Springfield, Virginia. The US leader discussed the most recent economic figures released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) at the US Department of Commerce. According to the numbers, America’s real gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 2.9% during the final quarter of 2022. The quarter before that, it reported a growth rate of 3.2%, prompting Biden to say the numbers were proof that his economic policies were working. But that’s not all he said.

On January 27, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) appeared on “The Story” to talk about the president’s words regarding the economy and his slight against MAGA Republicans. The legislator claimed Biden is the only one who thinks the economy is strong and blasted him for his record.

During his speech, Biden indicated that far-Right GOP members want to cut Medicare and Social Security and let the country default on its debt — an accusation Kennedy called a bald-faced lie. The Louisiana senator went so far as to toss a dig at George Santos (R-NY) in saying not even the controversy-embattled representative would much such a claim.

Biden accused MAGA Republicans of hatching plans that would hurt the economy and reminded the viewers about recent legislation from the Right that would levy a 30% consumer tax on every purchase in the United States. The leader said the GOP — MAGA Republicans, in particular, “ain’t your father’s Republican party,” vowing to “veto everything they send” to his desk in order to protect the gains in the economy.

Kennedy responded to the president’s claims of a strong economy and the alleged plans of the far-right. His take was that crime was soaring in America, respect for the country’s “institutions [was] way down,” and inflation over his tenure in the White House has been cumulatively outrageous. The legislator said if he had that record, he would “hide [his] head in a bag.”

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