Senator Hawley Seeks Bipartisan Support for Affordable Drug Prices

( – Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley is seeking Congressional support for legislation reducing prescription drug costs for Americans. He is courting both sides of the aisle with two plans: the Ending the Prescription Drug Kickback of 2023 and the Fair Prescription Drug Prices for America Act.

Hawley’s bills remove rebates for drug manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers. They also leverage penalties for drug companies that stick consumers with excessive prices.

The measures require the secretary of health and human services to examine the average prescription drug costs in peer nations, including Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy. If American pharmaceutical companies charge more than the average, they will incur hefty penalties.

Hawley has already attempted to lower and control insulin prices to keep them under $25 per month, and Democrats are warming up to the Republican Senator’s pitch. Hawley adds that Americans should not be paying costs that pad the wallets of giant pharmaceutical companies.

Courting fellow Republicans, Hawley is petitioning colleagues to protect fellow Americans instead of the interests of Big Pharma. He blames Big Pharma for the opioid crisis in America, faulting the drug companies for not being honest about their profits.

Speaking out about the involvement of insurance companies as well, Hawley made it clear he will not support their connected business interests with Big Pharma. He says they negotiate profitable kickbacks and then impose bigger price tags for the consumer, causing their bottom line to soar and everyday Americans to suffer.

Hawley has had to overcome bipartisan judgment for a photograph of himself during the January 6 riots. He is known for being one of the most conservative senators in the Republican party, especially concerning social issues. However, his attempts to reach into the pockets of drug and insurance companies for the sake of patients who have medical needs may create support for his legislation from both parties.

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