Schools Forced to Close Due to Excessive Heat

Schools Forced to Close Due to Excessive Heat

( – Kids in public schools have always anticipated winter snow days — an extra day off to frolic in the winter wonderland. For the past few years now, a new trend has begun in which schools close for “heat days” thanks to excessive temperatures becoming more common.

Several schools across the country are sending students home early or closing for days at a time because of the high temperatures. Hundreds of schools are being affected by these heat waves. Areas affected include schools in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and around the Great Lakes.

Most school officials decide to close due to heat when the temperatures are expected to rise into the upper 90s. Temperatures at this level cause students and teachers to become uncomfortable and inhibit focus on tasks.

Excessively high temperatures can also be dangerous, especially if classrooms lack proper air conditioning. Many schools may have antiquated central air units that cannot keep up with extremely high temperatures. Other schools may not be equipped with any cooling air conditioning. Until necessary changes and upgrades can be made, several students will be “chilling” at home until the heatwave subsides.

Thanks to the emergence of remote learning during the pandemic, school districts can now close buildings while expecting students to learn remotely from home. Many now rely heavily on ‘virtual days’ or ‘remote learning days’ to keep students on schedule.

Not all schools are letting the heatwave interfere with students attending class. Some southern states are starting the school year amid the worst of the heatwave. Kids in Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, and many other locations are in the classroom doing their best. Teachers are using window units and fans in addition to central AC units to keep the students cool.

Parents, students, and teachers are also receiving education in preventing heat-related illnesses. Understanding the symptoms of being overheated and how to cool down can be the difference between life and death in some areas, especially during outside activities in areas where high heat is combined with high humidity.

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