Saxo Predicts Hypersonic Space Race in 2022

Saxo Predicts Hypersonic Space Race in 2022

( – In the fall, the Financial Times revealed the Chinese government had allegedly tested a new nuclear-capable hypersonic missile. The Communist government denied the reports, but US intelligence took them very seriously. Months later, Saxo Bank has released its list of outrageous predictions for 2022, and one of them is the possibility of a new cold war.

Hypersonic Threat

China’s alleged hypersonic missile test shocked American intelligence officials. They reportedly didn’t realize the Asain giant had that type of technology at their fingertips. The weapon was especially concerning because it’s literally undetectable.

A hypersonic weapon has the ability to circle the globe at a low orbit before re-entering the atmosphere, making it invisible to anti-missile systems and satellites. Additionally, unlike traditional missiles, it doesn’t need a launchpad. China’s missile reportedly circled the Earth and narrowly missed its target — by a mere 25 miles. Even if the US missile defense systems do detect hypersonic weapons, it could be difficult to destroy the threat because of its ability to maneuver itself through the atmosphere.

Saxo Bank Prediction

Saxo believes the discovery of China’s new weapon may have kicked off a modern-day arms race. Russia, China, and the US are already developing hypersonic weapons. The bank believes others, such as India, Israel, the European Union (EU) and others will start as well.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley has already acknowledged the test of the hypersonic weapon was close to a Sputnik moment, a reference to the Soviet Union’s successful 1957 launch of the Sputnik satellite. That moment is what kicked off the space race between the US and its adversary and an escalation of the Cold War.

According to Saxo, one of the pillars of the Cold War was the concept of mutually-assured destruction. In other words, if Russia launched a nuclear bomb, the US would, too, and the nations would destroy one another. Nobody would win. However, the bank predicts the development of hypersonic weapons could change that because of the speed and ability of the new missiles to “thwart an attack entirely and even allow for new first-strike capabilities.” That is a terrifying possibility.

If there’s no fear that launching an attack would result in similar or worse retaliatory actions, then it could lead to a destructive war where one party isn’t able to efficiently respond. While the US might be able to use diplomatic means to stop China, Russia, or another world power from launching such an attack, the possibility of a nation like Iran getting ahold of the technology is incredibly worrisome.

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