Russia Rules Out Using Nuclear Weapons

Russia Rules Out Using Nuclear Weapons

( – In February, Russian President Vladimir Putin put his nuclear forces on an elevated status, signaling to the world he might have been considering using nuclear weapons. However, in an interview with PBS on March 28, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov stated no one in Russia is thinking about “using a nuclear weapon.” He also seemed confident about Russia meeting its objectives in Ukraine.

Peskov said no matter the outcome, there would be no need to use a nuclear weapon. The press secretary told the interviewer that Russia’s security concept states the country would only use those types of weapons if there was a threat to its existence.

When asked what he had to say about President Joe Biden’s warning not to step into NATO territory, Peskov responded Russia would only do that if they were forced to do so. However, he did say the country views NATO as a “machine of confrontation” and not cooperation. He stated Russia wants balance in the region, and the possibility of Ukraine joining the organization would throw that out of whack.

The clarification should be taken cautiously, but it’s a step in the right direction considering the statements from earlier this month.

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