Rumors Swirl That Putin Is Giving Up On Crimea

Rumors Swirl That Putin Is Giving Up On Crimea

( – According to a Newsweek report, international observers are suggesting that Russia has given up on the Crimea peninsula. This situation comes a day after the Nova Kakhovka dam’s destruction in the southern region of Ukraine. This situation has already become one of the most controversial moments in the Russia-Ukraine war, with many experts speculating who was behind the dam’s demise.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is one of the figures who believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave up on Crimea. Experts point out this could represent a significant victory for Ukraine, as Crimea was one of the first parts of the country that Russia illegally took.

Newsweek pointed out that one of the most famous experts who believe this is the case is Georgetown University adjunct professor Anders Aslund. He told the magazine that the dam’s destruction could be compared to how Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein set some oil wells on fire in the Gulf War. This situation occurred in 1991 when Iraqi troops were forced out of Kuwait.

The academic and economist explained that this is a commander-in-chief’s most common action when a territory is lost. Aslund, who served as economic adviser to the Ukrainian and Russian governments, told Newsweek this is something that you do when you “give up.” He pointed out that when the apple is lost, the next step is to destroy it as much as possible.

Aslund made this analysis based on the idea that Russia was behind the dam’s destruction. While many experts believe the same, many others point out that Ukrainian troops could have also done this. However, there hasn’t been an official confirmation so far.

Russia invaded and even annexed Crimea in 2014. After Ukrainian troops began to achieve significant victories, Zelensky said that one of his conditions for a ceasefire was recognizing Crimea as part of Ukraine. Putin has responded by claiming that Crimea will remain part of Russia no matter what.

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