Rudy Giuliani Says New York Is Now “Committing Murder” With New Decision

Rudy Giuliani Says New York Is Now

( – During 2020, contentions around alleged police behavior sparked a lot of controversy and talks about defunding the police. While not all of those sentiments have come to pass, some have, and they’re very worrying.

In late March, New York City moved to end qualified immunity for its police officers. The decision means the public will now be able to sue officers personally for their actions while on the job. Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani is horrified by the decision and the larger police reforms the state is passing.

On Saturday, April 3, Giuliani called the move by NYC “devastating” during an interview with NewsMax TV’s “America Right Now.” He said the government in the city is “incompetent” and “so Left-wing.” The former mayor said the radical police reform is actually more dangerous for black communities because they “increase murder.” The former mayor stressed that he thinks the terrible idea is going to lead to the deaths of people who would have been fine were it not for the asinine reforms.

NYC is the first city in the country to end qualified immunity. Police have said it will make it harder to protect the communities.

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