Ron DeSantis Signs Term-Limits Bill

Ron DeSantis Signs Term Limits Bill

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) took steps against indoctrination in the state’s public schools by signing a bill limiting the number of terms local school board members can serve. Speaking at an event in Daytona Beach, DeSantis called the bill “the strongest curriculum transparency legislation in the country.”

The governor says that while he’s a big fan of term limits, voters should remember that they can “throw the bums out” if they mistreat children or act against their interests. He noted that school board elections are some of the most important races in the country if Americans want to have a say in how their kids learn. The term-limits bill means that no elected official on the school board can serve more than 12 consecutive years.

DeSantis is also determined to see parents more involved in their children’s education. He strongly rejects those who say parents should have no place in their kid’s schooling and will advocate for parents being involved in not only how their kids are taught, but what they will learn. He says everyone, teachers included, wants parents to have a seat at the table.

On top of term limits, the bill also helps ensure that Florida’s kids are offered the highest quality library materials. All materials presented to students will have to go through an approval process that includes government oversight. Anyone involved in choosing library materials for students in K-12 will require state training and certification, ensuring consistency in materials across the state.

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