Ron DeSantis Signs New Law Pointed at Joe Biden’s Administration

Ron DeSantis Signs New Law Pointed at Joe Biden's Administration

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has been one of the most prominent voices in the Republican fight against President Joe Biden’s administration. The governor has sued the administration a number of times and passed laws to protect his residents. Once again, he’s pushing back on the president’s dangerous policies.

On Thursday, November 18, DeSantis signed a series of anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate bills into law while in Brandon, FL. The new laws protect some workers against invasive mandates, allowing employers to offer a number of exemptions including, but not limited to, health, religion, pregnancy, future pregnancy, and those recovering from the virus. The latter is important because Conservatives have long held that those with natural immunity should be exempt because they already have antibodies.

The laws also allow employees to choose to undergo testing and wear PPE as an exemption, but they won’t be required to incur the costs — their employer will pay for it. Employers who violate the new laws will have to pay fines. School districts are prohibited from requiring COVID-19 vaccines, face masks, quarantines of healthy students, and any parents may sue districts that violate the new laws.

The governor signed the legislative package after the Florida legislature passed the bills during a special session. DeSantis said he was happy to protect the jobs of Floridians from “heavy-handed mandates.”

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