Ron DeSantis Claims He Will Bus Illegal Immigrants to Delaware

Ron DeSantis Claims He Will Bus Illegal Immigrants to Delaware

( – Title 42, which allows for a swift expulsion of migrants at the border, will no longer be in effect as of May 23, forcing many state leaders to worry about a sudden influx of immigrants into the US. On April 6, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) announced during a press conference that he would promptly transfer any illegal immigrants moved to his state to Delaware – President Joe Biden’s home state.

Just before the Florida leader made his declaration, Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) said virtually the same thing. Abbott vowed to load undocumented migrants crossing the border onto charter buses and re-rout them to Washington, DC, so President Biden could deal with them directly.

Although DeSantis admitted Biden had not recently sent immigrants to Florida, he did so a few months ago, and both governors have had enough. Abbott said with the repealing of Title 42, the problem overwhelming communities in Texas will only get worse. Because his state is closer to the action, he stated it might take up to 900 buses to move them to the NorthEast.

While DeSantis won’t likely deal with that volume, he won’t stand for any illegals located in Florida. He stated the state now has the funding to transfer the individuals, and he intends to do so if necessary.

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