RFK Jr. Discusses His Assassination Risk

RFK Jr. Discusses His Assassination Risk

(WatchDogReport.org) – During his recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told the host that he takes “precautions” when considering that the CIA could assassinate him like he believes they did to his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy.

In 1963, JFK was assassinated in a televised slaying that shook the entire nation. Since that event, and especially since the famous “Magic Bullet Theory” perpetuated by the Warren Commission, theories abound about what, exactly, happened and who was responsible for the president’s murder. His nephew, who frequently cites the book JFK and the Unspeakable as the best collection of sources on the matter, believes that the CIA murdered his uncle.

While discussing the subject, Rogan asked Kennedy Jr. what he thinks will happen to him if he wins the White House in 2024, considering what happened to the last Kennedy who occupied the office. Kennedy Jr. responded by saying he has to “be careful” and that he’s “aware” of the possibility and the “danger,” but doesn’t “live in fear of it” even if he takes still takes “precautions.”

In May, Kennedy Jr. appeared on a radio station for an interview and discussed the JFK assassination, stating that the evidence of the CIA’s involvement in the murder and subsequent cover-up “is overwhelming.” He also told the host he thinks they may have had a hand in his father’s assassination as well, but the evidence wasn’t as solid. Robert “Bobby” Kennedy was killed while running for president in 1968

In April, Kennedy Jr. announced his bid for the White House. Since then, he’s been on the campaign trail around the country, holding rallies and doing interviews.

Although it’s unclear how much of a challenge he will be to President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, he’s generated a lot of support from moderates for addressing issues like vaccines and the border crisis, taking positions on these matters that differ from the rest of his party.

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