Republicans Suspect Democrats of Commiserating with China

Republicans Suspect Democrats of Commiserating with China

( – The FBI’s discovery of secret Chinese police stations in America has prompted a political battle over homeland ties with Communist China. Republican politicians are pointing the finger at rival Democrats, suggesting that the current Administration has connections with China that could be detrimental to the United States.

Earlier in April 2023, the FBI arrested two Chinese agents working out of their New York City location above a noodle restaurant. The office was just one of several agencies planted throughout the country by the Chinese government. Hiding behind the titles of non-profit entities, the agents intermingle with the community as a cover, but also to spy on Chinese nationals living in America.

Most notably, the New York entity hosted a gala with high-ranked guests and speakers, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Adams was honored at the event, and Schumer gave a speech. Photographs and video show them posing with Lu Jianwang, one of the Chinese agents later arrested for operating as Chinese police officers in America.

Despite the photographs, Schumer’s office released a statement denying any friendship with the Chinese operatives. He explained that his presence there did not imply endorsement of their activities.

Congressional Republicans are accusing their Democratic colleagues of “schmoozing” with one of the nation’s enemies. GOP members say the Democrats are not focused on the potential threats from China, especially as the Biden Administration pushes further economic reliance on Chinese exports due to green energy policies and goals.

While frustrated, Republicans collectively admit they expected as much from the Democrats. Following the money trail, they say the Democrats receive a large portion of their funding from Hollywood, large technology and business firms, and university organizations, and that much of that money comes to those groups from China.

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz went so far as to label the Democratic party as pro-China.

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