Republican Victory Sparks Questions About Joe Biden’s True Popularity

Republican Victory Sparks Questions About Joe Biden's True Popularity

( – In November 2020, Joe Biden got within three points of then-President Donald Trump in the presidential race in the Sixth Congressional District in Texas. So, they thought they might be able to flip that seat when Rep. Ron Wright (R) passed away in February. It seems that probably isn’t going to happen.

On May 1, Susan Wright, the late congressman’s wife, advanced in the race for the congressional seat. She will go up against Republican Jake Ellzey in a runoff that won’t be held until May 24 at the earliest. The Democrat, Lynne Sanchez, who ran in the race, hoping to capitalize on Biden’s gains, failed miserably.

Democrats have an uphill battle if they hope to hold onto the majority in Congress in 2022. They currently have razor-thin majorities. If the Texas race is any indication of Biden’s popularity, he isn’t going to be much help.

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